0818 Raku Ceramic Cat Urn Sculpture

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This unique Raku Cat Cremation Urn/Sculpture is a handmade ceramic cat sculpture made entirely by hand, by me, the Artist. This Raku Cat Sculpture is simplification personified, a tribute to a beloved companion or a special additon to your cat collection. The Cat is glazed with a unique refractory raku glaze that reflects ambient light, creating subtle to vibrant colors depending on the light The Cat's nine (lives) companion birds are each made from clay, by hand, and attach to the Cat with wire posts.

This unusual Cat Sculpture invites contemplation as you recall happy memories, or just enjoy looking at a beautiful Raku Cat Sculpture


7.5" H x 12.5" L x 5" D

Note: About the glaze: I have endeavored to create the most accurate color representation possible, however, the accuracy of the colors will vary depending on the color balance of your computer, cell phone, or laptop devices.